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What Does Owning a Timeshare Really Mean?

What Does Owning a Timeshare Really Mean?

Perhaps you’ve read about yet another timeshare scam in your local newspaper, or maybe you’re being pitched to attend a timeshare sales presentation while on a vacation.

But, if you aren’t already a timeshare owner, the concept can be a little bit confounding. They have a bad reputation for many… But what, exactly, is a timeshare? What does it mean to own one?

Our own Michael Finn recently sat down to tackle that question. The video of his response is below, along with a transcription of his remarks:

“Well, that’s a good question.

Depending on the type of ownership interest that you have, the answer can truly vary significantly. Let’s start with the most common product today, the right-to-use membership. That means you do not have a deeded interest. You don’t own real estate, per se. You have greater flexibility in terms of more resorts available to you, but you can have difficulties making a reservation.

Then moving on to a deeded interest, you actually own a piece of real estate, 1/52, presumably, of an actual piece of real estate. You don’t have any problem reserving your own unit at your stated week, so there’s some advantages to that. You lose some of the flexibility.

With either interest that you have, you’re going to have certain things in common. You’re going to have annual maintenance fees. You’re going to have the possibility of extraordinary capital assessments. You’re going have the same issues when the time comes for you to resell your unit.”



Want to learn more about the difference between points-based or “right-to-use” timeshares and their deeded counterparts? Here are a few helpful resources:

Or, if you’re interested in the common issues and consumer complaints about timeshare ownership – including rising maintenance fees, high capital assessments, and the suppressed resale marketplace – we encourage you to check out the following:

Have any more questions about the timeshare industry? We’re here to help!

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