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About Finn Law Group

Located in St. Petersburg, Florida, the Finn Law Group is a national consumer protection law firm established by renowned timeshare attorney Michael D. Finn. In the past decade, our firm has honed its expertise in helping clients seeking relief from the financial obligations tied to vacation ownership and those desiring to terminate their timeshare contracts.

Committed To Pursuing Justice

Finn Law Group is committed to pursuing various timeshare scams that exploit consumers, including those involving timeshare resale companies, timeshare exit companies, and other

Timeshare attorneys Michael D. Finn and J. Andrew Meyer reviewing a case at Finn Law Group officeunlicensed businesses employing fraudulent practices. By prioritizing our clients’ interests and working diligently to settle and negotiate consumer claims, our comprehensive law firm provides robust protection against these deceptive entities.

Our litigation division, led by managing timeshare attorney J. Andrew Meyer and supported by an experienced team of litigators, has handled numerous individual and multi-plaintiff timeshare lawsuits in recent years, including several high-profile class actions, further demonstrating our dedication to combating timeshare fraud.

Legal Community Involvement

At Finn Law Group, we actively participate in the legal community by collaborating with organizations such as the St. Petersburg Bar and the Community Law Program.

About Finn Law Group, Timeshare AttorneysOur staff is also dedicated to giving back through volunteering their time and expertise to various Bar initiatives. We understand the importance of building and maintaining strong client relationships, and we invite you to examine our credentials and learn about the experiences of our past clients.

You can find reviews of our services on trusted platforms such as AVVO, Martindale-Hubbell,, and the Better Business Bureau. These testimonials not only demonstrate our legal expertise but also underscore our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional legal services and nurturing open, honest relationships with our clients.

The Consumer Watch Team at Finn Law Group is dedicated to promoting consumer education and awareness on a national level. We collaborate and partner with various attorneys and organizations across the nation to develop and support educational initiatives throughout the year. By leveraging major social media platforms, we aim to reach a wide audience and share valuable information on consumer protection, timeshare law, and other related topics. Our partnerships with these organizations enable us to pool resources, expertise, and insights, ultimately creating a robust network that empowers consumers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions and protect their rights.

John Oliver "Last Week, Tonight" on Timeshare - The Salesman's License to Lie Clause by Michael D. Finn, Timeshare Attorney In The News

Finn Law Group has garnered national media exposure, reflecting our commitment to protecting timeshare owners who have been victimized by various industry players. Our expertise has been featured in prominent news outlets, such as the New York Times and Orlando Sentinel, as well as other media platforms. Most recently, our insights on the “The Salesman’s License to Lie” clause in timeshare contracts were highlighted on the John Oliver Show, garnering even more attention to this critical issue.

New York Times interview with Michael Finn of Finn Law Group
About Finn Law Group
These interviews and features emphasize our steadfast commitment to assisting timeshare owners who have encountered difficulties in the primary, secondary, or external industry areas. Through this media exposure, we strive to raise awareness about the issues timeshare owners face and emphasize our unwavering support for those who have been unfairly treated or misled. Our engagement with victims serves as a testament to our determination to seek justice and provide the highest level of legal representation and guidance for those in need.
Are you a timeshare owner seeking legal assistance? Look no further than Finn Law Group, the go-to choice for those facing timeshare disputes and seeking exit strategies. Contact us Today.

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