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Consumer Protection – The LAW is on your side! 

Scams are responsible for billions of dollars in consumer losses each year and according to the FTC, Florida ranks as one of the top states in the nation that generate consumer protection complaints. While federal regulators have identified the top consumer scams in Florida, the annual volume of complaints remains a challenge for State agencies and consumers.

Negotiation and Litigation Experience Matters

The Finn Law Group is a private consumer protection law firm with diverse attorney experience in pursuing companies and individuals who harm consumers with fraudulent financial schemes. This also includes groups or classes of consumers who may have been similarly affected and have been damaged. For over 10 years, our consumer protection attorneys have successfully represented clients that have been victimized and seek to legally engage those companies who use unfair and deceptive trade practices, unfair advertising, defective product, or service and/or employ an unfair business to consumer contractual practices.
We review many types of consumer protection cases and typically work on a contingency basis, with no upfront fees to our clients. To have a legal matter considered, please call our office to set up an appointment in person or by phone. The consultation is free and will help you to best understand your rights as a consumer.

Tips for a productive attorney/client consultation

  • Gather all documents or images, screenshots related to your matter.
  • Write out events, dates, and any pertinent information related to your matter.
  • Be prepared to discuss actions necessary to help you achieve your legal objectives.

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