Timeshare Cancellation Law

Timeshares have been sold in the United States for more than 50 years. In each state including Florida where developers sell timeshare, a regulatory framework of law exists known as a Timeshare Act.


To cancel a timeshare purchase, an owner must follow the specific guidelines provided within the purchase agreement and within the rescission period allowed by state law. The timeshare developer is required to release the owners of the agreement if noticed.

Post Rescission

If a timeshare owner wishes to cancel a timeshare purchase after the rescission period, they should always communicate directly with the developer for a release from all ongoing obligations first before considering hiring an attorney. The developer is not legally required to cancel your timeshare under law unless other legal issues are involved which would toll the period and allow a consumer additional or other remedy of relief.

This is where an attorney may be required to intervene and negotiate some form of termination other than rescission by working directly with the developer on your behalf.

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