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The murkey waters of used timeshares
Timeshare Attorney

The Murky Waters of Used Timeshares

In the current landscape of the real estate market, the idea of timeshare resales has been catching the eye of many, promising a little piece

Dangers of timeshare donation schemes
Timeshare Attorney

Dangers of Timeshare Donation Schemes

Legal Risks in Timeshare Donations In recent years, timeshare donation schemes have gained traction as a seemingly attractive option for timeshare owners looking to exit

Timeshare Exit Company's $500M Scam
Timeshare Attorney

Timeshare Exit Company’s $500M Scam

Timeshare owners have long been targets of various scams. A recent alarming incident highlights a Florida telemarketer’s deceptive tactics in the timeshare exit company’s $500M

Arrests in timeshare scheme
Timeshare Attorney

Arrests in Timeshare Scheme

The FBI is warning about an increase in scams targeted towards the elderly, following recent arrests in timeshare scheme. A Los Angeles man and another

Timeshare Costs: A 20 year overview
Timeshare Attorney

Timeshare Costs: A 20-Year Overview

Timeshares, also known as shared vacation ownership plans, have become increasingly popular over the years. They offer the enticing prospect of a vacation condo without

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