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Lobbying Efforts

All People Must Be Equally Protected Under the Law

The Finn Law Group works on behalf of consumers as professional advocates. We regularly monitor proposed state and federal legislation and engage legislators when changes to existing consumer protection statutes may have a negative impact on consumer rights.

When a bill is introduced at the opening of a legislative session, it typically goes through several required committees for review. During this process, the original draft of the bill can be revised or modified as it makes its way to a full vote and then on to the Govenor’s desk for signature. Up until this time, several opportunities exist for concerned parties to support or oppose a bill.

Anytime a bill is drafted which include changes to consumer protection statutes, regulators are often asked to provide opinion and concerns. Private law firms and lobbyists are positioned in the middle of these issues such as the Florida Justice Association. The FJA is a non-profit attorney membership organization dedicated to strengthening and upholding Florida’s civil justice system and protecting the rights of Florida’s citizens and consumers. Through our association with FJA, we believe we have made positive change in Tallahassee and in other states.

Social media channels are also ways consumers can learn about and voice interest in challenges to business/industry sponsored legislation that is not considered consumer friendly. In the past, attorneys at Finn Law Group have provided testimony before committees and provided consumer input to various legislators who seek to be fully informed about the bills being considered for law.

While the Finn Law Group is not a lobby firm and does not directly employ lobbyists, our firm does actively support efforts to protect the consumer’s voice. If you have a Florida consumer protection question or are looking for information on timeshare legislation, please contact our firm and be sure to follow us on Twitter.

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