Timeshare Scams

At Finn Law Group, our Consumer Watch Team (CWT) is made up of researchers who review consumer complaints about secondary market and third-party timeshare exit schemes. We offer this as a free service to consumers in the United States. Our investigative group is currently tracking a number of timeshare resale scams throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada. We often rely on fresh tips from individuals who have been scammed by these types of internet marketing companies. Harvesting this important information often provides us a unique opportunity to observe various trends and patterns that scammers commonly use in the market. Once enough evidence is gathered, we share much of our findings with administrative and regulatory agencies.

In many cases, we can pursue these forms of timeshare scams on behalf of our clients. We also regularly report consumer protection warnings to the public on social media platforms, in addition to communicating these issues to State and Federal law enforcement and BBB Investigators around the nation.

Each year, thousands of victims report significant financial loss due to timeshare fraud. As a result, the BBB and State regulatory agencies around the country have been warning timeshare owners about the increased frequency of timeshare exit problems in 2021. Our Finn Law Group’s attorneys have long been a trusted and reliable resource to major media outlets covering timeshare related consumer protection issues.

How timeshares work
How timeshares work
Don’t be a victim of fraud! Report a timeshare scam to info@finnlawgroup.com and learn more about how we may be able to help you stop the scams at no cost to you. Learn more about our work on Twitter.

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