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Our firm routinely represents clients in a wide variety of timeshare legal matters. If you have a case that you believe would be a good fit for our firm, we encourage you to refer it to us.

The Finn Law Group is recognized as a top tier consumer protection law firm practicing in the areas of timeshare law and related vacation owner’s association law.

We aggressively represent owners who are seeking to cancel a timeshare and wish to terminate a contractual membership interest in the timeshare vacation product.

Att0rney referrals are considered the highest professional compliment a law firm can get. We take pride in one-on-one relationships with our clients and strongly believe in the value of relationships that are made via attorney referrals. The Finn Law Group accepts direct referrals from all over the United States and fully complies with bar rules.

Timeshare Attorney Litigation Referrals

We also assist and co-counsel with timeshare claims in other areas of the country. In addition, we provide an attorney fee sharing agreement to all referring attorneys that specify referral fees in advance. Although litigation over a timeshare may not be necessary in all cases, the Finn Law Group has over a decade of experience in trial litigation with our lead attorney having more than 25 years of active courtroom expertise.

Timeshare cases can require litigation in various jurisdictions on single, multi-plaintiff, and class cases around the United States. In some of these instances, we have retained local co-counsel and experts to assist us in litigation, as well as being engaged to work on large outside matters where expertise and cooperation are required. In these matters, we may pro hac vice in with the permission of the courts.

Timeshare Exit Companies

The majority of timeshare exit companies are going out of business as a result of promising impossible outcomes or using high-pressure tactics and nonqualified time-based, money-back guarantees. Because of this and other reasons, our firm will not collaborate with non-lawyer businesses or allow a third party to use our legal license to assist in timeshare cancellation. Due to deceptive practices, some of the more known timeshare exit firms, many with prior industry connections, have shut down.

The Finn Law Group is currently representing timeshare owners in the bankruptcy matter of Timeshare Termination Team and 321timeshare in Denver Colorado.

If you have a client who has been victimized by a timeshare exit company and would like to discuss your client’s legal options, please contact us or fill out the short case referral form.

Attorney Andy Meyer, Head of Litigation at 727-214-0700.

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