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Can a Timeshare Redemption Company Really Get Me Out of My Obligation?

Can a Timeshare Redemption Company Really Get Me Out of My Obligation?

Can a Timeshare Redemption Company Really Get Me Out of My Obligation?

For some, a timeshare redemption company seems like an attractive, low-hassle way to quickly be rid of a timeshare – but can a timeshare redemption company really get you out of your obligation as easily as they promise?

There are all sorts of reasons why you may want to get out of your timeshare contract. Maybe you can no longer afford the annual maintenance fees. Maybe you’re not able to travel to the resort destination. Maybe it was willed to you by a parent or family member.

Whatever the reason, many timeshare owners are eager to be rid of their timeshare obligations by any means necessary.

timeshare redemption sales trapWhat Is a Timeshare Redemption Company?

When timeshare owners want out of a contract, many first turn to the resale market. The timeshare resale market is depressed and oversaturated, however, and, as we’ve explained before, most timeshares have virtually no resale value whatsoever (in fact, you’re likely to see some timeshares listed on eBay for as little as $1, without any takers). What’s more, the market is also rife with scammers looking to prey on eager sellers.

Timeshare redemption companies claim to offer an alternative to wading into the resale quagmire. For an upfront fee, these services offer to redeem and release you from your timeshare commitment.

How does it work? If it helps, think of the redemption company as a bit like a third party mediator between you and timeshare wholesalers. It transfers your unwanted timeshare back to the travel clubs, resorts, and inventory aggregates by means of exclusive partnerships and deals.

Timeshare redemption creates real questionsCan a Redemption Company Really Help Me?

The short answer to this question? Sometimes, sometimes not. The frustrating thing for a consumer is that there’s really no way to be entirely sure that these companies can deliver before you pay them.

Remember what we said above about how redemption companies work? To be successful, these companies rely upon informal inventory recovery agreements with the resorts and travel clubs which, ultimately, are the entities that recover their interests.

Depending upon market conditions they may, or may not be willing to take back an interest at any given moment depending on whether they think the interest will be easily re-marketable. So while many redemption services offer a money back guarantee, they are also largely unlicensed companies that come and go – meaning that there’s no sure way to know if they’ll be around if and when your deal bounces back.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Timeshare redemption companies present themselves as a solution for those who have found the resale of their timeshares to be unproductive or have encountered scams. However, the reality is not always as straightforward. Many of these timeshare redemption companies are frequently involved in questionable practices, casting doubt on their legitimacy. As a potential customer, it’s essential to approach these companies with a heightened sense of caution.

Just like with any other timeshare-related dealings, being vigilant and informed is crucial. Before making any decisions, it’s advisable to conduct thorough research on the company. This includes looking up reviews and feedback online, as well as checking their records with the Attorney General’s office. Additionally, consulting consumer protection agencies in your state can provide valuable insights into the company’s reputation and past dealings. In summary, while timeshare redemption companies might seem like a promising alternative, it’s vital to ensure you’re not jumping from one problematic situation to another.

Disclosure: This article is for information only and is not intended as legal advice.


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