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Senior couple quarreling
Timeshare Blog

Timeshare: Avoid Buyer’s Regret

Timeshare purchases are often made impulsively, without doing the proper research ahead of time. That’s because timeshares are frequently sold while consumers are on vacation,

Fighting Over Timeshare Ownership

Ex-wife asks what to do in a marital settlement dispute over a Florida timeshare matter. The question posted by Karen Price Mueller for

How much is a timeshare
Timeshare Blog

How Much Is A Timeshare?

 How Much is a Timeshare? Consumers usually like to perform a price and features comparison on almost any purchase above 20k and especially a major

timeshare maintenance fees

Timeshare Maintenance and Other Fees

Timeshare Maintenance and Other Fees; Rising with No End in Sight?  All timeshare owners and/or members must pay fees annually, or bi-annually, regardless of if they attempted to utilize their timeshare interest during

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