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How Much Is A Timeshare?

How much is a timeshare

 How Much is a Timeshare?

Consumers usually like to perform a price and features comparison on almost any purchase above 20k and especially a major purchase like on a house, car, or boat. Strangely, however timeshare developers do not advertise the price of their units in advance of tour and never have. So, how is one to know how much a timeshare cost? Only on tour, does a sales representative usually show the best demo units and amenities and only then is the asking price of a timeshare disclosed.

 So what is the price of a timeshare?

Unlike a home that is bought, a timeshare is a product that is sold and done so within hours of tour. About 99% of the time, the buyer is purchasing a timeshare on the same day with “Today Only” pricing and that creates a wide variance of pricing for like or similar units. While few can opt into the six-figure use of a penthouse, the turnover to other sales reps, managers, and vice presidents brings in sales that indicate VPG (Volume per Guest) at an average entry point of around $22,000 according to reports published by the developer association that represents the timeshare industry.

 How does one determine then what the average price of a timeshare should be?

Consumer research is limited at best and aftermarket listings on many resale sites are quite unreliable. Some timeshares are sold on the secondary market for as little as a dollar on auction websites like eBay. The Timeshare User’s Group also offers a member listing service with used timeshares as does a popular timeshare blog called RedWeek. The resale market from the primary market is confusing to new buyers because it is impossible to distinguish the difference between a new timeshare unit and a resale. Each and all units in a resort are maintained equally by the property owner’s association.

With more than 1600 timeshare resorts, we recommend checking with the Licensed Timeshare Resale Brokers Association. These commission only realtors work with resales and can help you get a better understanding of market sales as opposed to listing prices.

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