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Fake Vacation Rental Listing
Consumer Protection Blog

Florida AG Warns Tourists

Tourism is hot for Florida’s economy and that has the Florida Attorney General’s office warning tourists to beware of fake rental listings. It’s a nationwide

CFPB Creditors
Consumer Protection

Creditors Must Explain Denials

Creditors Must Explain Denials The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has ruled that creditors must explain credit denials to consumers, even if they’re using “black-box”

Consumer Abused by Illegal Debt Collection
Consumer Protection

Consumers Abused By Debt Collectors

The debt collection industry is a multi-billion dollar swamp that relies on aggressive and often illegal tactics to collect money from consumers. Debt collectors are

Credit Repair: Don't Fall For Scams
Consumer Protection Blog

Credit Repair: Don’t Fall For Scams

Credit Repair: Don’t Fall For Scams Most people are looking for ways to improve their credit score. Some, unfortunately fall prey to credit repair scams

Image of consumers checking their credit report
Consumer Protection Blog

Credit Reporting: Covered Complaints

Credit Reporting: Covered Complaints Credit reporting companies play a critical role in the lives of consumers, as they are responsible for collecting and maintaining information

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