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What Does a Sales Pitch Usually Involve

What Does a Sales Pitch Usually Involve

Timeshare sales presentations have earned a bit of a reputation over the years.

Countless stories abound online or in print about intrepid vacationers sitting down at a resort for a seminar or conference, only to find themselves all-but-trapped in a prolonged process, complete with a rotating cast of salespeople saying whatever needs to be said to close a deal right then and there. It all beggars the question: “What does a sales pitch usually involve?”

Are these sales pitches all they’re cracked up to be? And why are major resort developers still using these tactics, even though they’ve become notorious in certain circles? For anyone wondering what might be in store at a timeshare sales presentation, our own Michael Finn recently offered some insights in a video interview. Here’s what he had to say:

And here’s a full transcript of his statements:

“Unlike the actual purchase contract, the sales pitch itself usually really embellishes the product that this commission sales person is pitching. They are going to sell you an awful lot of sizzle, but, at the end of the day, you may not get very much steak. In fact, there is a clause in a purchase contract that basically says that you may not rely on anything that you were told at the time of your purchase, that you were not induced to buy based on anything you were told, but only what was contained in the contract. We call this clause here at Finn Law Group the salesman’s license to lie clause because it essentially is.”

For more thoughts on the ins and outs of the typical timeshare sales presentation – and the lasting effects it could have on your pocketbook down the line – you may wish to check out some of the following articles from the Finn Law Group blog:

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