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This edition includes all of our announcements, content from the timeshare community and the latest from our Consumer Watch Team.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich issued an alert about timeshare scams. 

Brnovich told the News 4 Tucson Investigators, ” You got a bunch of degenerates that are stealing money from vulnerable people.” Brnovich said scammers often use the names of legitimate businesses and create slick websites.  Like most victims, Terry Beall’s bad transaction was conducted entirely over the phone.” #ConsumerProtection #TimeshareScam

Read the full article from Matthew Schwartz from News 4 Tucson N4T Investigators.


It was a busy week following the lawmakers regarding Timeshare Consumer Protection:

Recap of our Trends in Timeshare Workshop Tweets:

Don’t consumers have the right to have legal counsel in a contract dispute? Florida Rep. Randy Fine asks a series of similar questions on consumer rights during a House committee workshop called “Trends in Timeshare.” – 2019 Florida House Bill 435

Florida Rep. Fernandez-Barquin shared his own story with lawmakers. He said, “I myself have sat through one of these presentations and as an attorney, I found it to be a high pressure situation.”

Boyd McAdams, Dir. of Div. of Hotels @FloridaDBPR shares with “Trends of Timeshare” participants the various complaints the agency has gotten over 3 years. Nearly half complain of “Oral Misrepresentation” which are coded as allegations of “misleading information.” @InsideTheGate

Florida House Rep. Newton asks “Trends in Timeshare” participants during a legislative workshop on 3/12/19 if they believe HB435 would block access to the courts for consumers? #Timeshare @floridajustice

Victoria Butler, Dir. of Consumer Protection at Florida AG’s Office made a presentation to Florida House Sub-Committee and said, the current complaint breakdown is consistent over 3 years: Majority relate to initial #timeshare sales. 50% of complaints come from Seniors.


Watch the Video discussing the Consumer Protection Bill on the Arizona House Floor:

“We’re trying to do away with some of the high pressure sales that go on in the #timeshare industry.”



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