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Timeshare News | Jan 25, 2019

Timeshare News

This edition includes all of our announcements, content from the timeshare community and the latest from our Consumer Watch Team.

1.   Latest Timeshare Scam

timeshare scam 2019

Our Consumer Watch Team just picked up on a new timeshare resale/exit postcard scam. This looks like an official and URGENT communication from a government agency, but it isn’t. If you get one of these, report it to the #BBB and @FTC @USPIS_DC.


2. Lawrence Mower of the Times-Herald releases an article on Florida’s new attorney general.

The article by Lawrence Mower notes that Ashely Moody, Florida’s new attorney general, is tackling fraud against the elderly. “In one of her first interviews since taking office, Ashley Moody pledged to get better at going after people and corporations defrauding Floridians, vowed to take the lead on the state’s opioid epidemic, and said she wanted to do it without the stain of partisanship that has blemished other attorneys general across the country.”


3. CBS news discusses travel trends in 2019.

Check out the video!


4. Don’t forget about the breaking news from Disney Vacation Club!

timeshare resale disney vacation club

According to WDW News Today, “There are new changes coming for anybody planning to join the Disney Vacation Club via the resale market. Beginning January 19, anybody who purchases a resale contract for one of the 14 original Disney Vacation Club resorts will be limited to staying at those resorts.”


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