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What Is a Public Offering Statement for a Timeshare?

What Is a Public Offering Statement for a Timeshare?

What Is a Public Offering Statement for a Timeshare?

When it comes to timeshare sales, there are several safeguards in place that are – at least in theory – designed to help educate and protect consumers, giving them the opportunity to potentially avoid locking themselves into a binding (and costly) agreement.

Two of the most important statutory protections in place for consumers are the mandatory rescission period, and the prospectus/public offering statement (POS), which must be delivered to a consumer prior to, or at least contemporaneously with, their purchase.

If you’re planning to attend a timeshare sales presentation, or are interested in seeking a contract termination after your rescission window has passed, it’s important to get a handle on just what a public offering statement is.

Our own Michael Finn has some thoughts to offer on this important topic. Below, you’ll find a video of his remarks:


And here’s a transcription of what he had to say:

“A timeshare public offering statement is a document that the state requires be provided to the consumer at the time of purchase. It’s a very important document because it explains, from a financial standpoint, everything that’s important to know when you’re making a purchase of this nature.

Combined with the rescission period of five to 10 days, reading this offering statement will help you during that time period determine whether or not you made a good purchase decision.

If you didn’t, this document is going to help you tremendously in terms of saying: ‘you know what? I need to cancel; this is not what I thought it was.’”

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