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‘My Main Problem With My Timeshare Is Making Reservations. What Are My Legal Rights?’

'My Main Problem With My Timeshare Is Making Reservations. What Are My Legal Rights?'

When you own a timeshare interest, you’re subject to certain unavoidable fees, including assessments and annual maintenance payments, which tend to increase, year over year.

For what owners pay, there is an expectation that, at the very least, being able to use one’s timeshare weeks or points should be a relatively straightforward, easy process. In practice, however, it is not uncommon to hear from timeshare owners who face major struggles when it comes to booking and using their interest.

It raises the question: “If your main problem with your timeshare is making reservations, what are your legal rights?”


Our own Michael Finn recently took on that question in a video interview, which is available below:

And here’s a transcript of what Michael had to say:

“… a very common problem, and in terms of your legal rights, a difficult problem because your rescission period has most likely already expired long before you attempted to make this reservation. Your reservation rights are subject to rules that the developer may change at any point in time and isn’t even obligated to share that rule change with you. This is a very, very difficult problem.

The other issue is that obtaining a reservation is subject to availability. That’s a caveat that you agree to when you purchase your timeshare. You don’t think about it at the time but, indeed, if it’s not available when you want to use it, what good is your timeshare? So, this is an extremely difficult question.

The other issue is when you’re attempting to book your reservation, who are you competing with? Is it just other owners that are trying to book at the same time? Or are they putting this product on one of the web travel sites, and are you competing with members of public to buy something that you’ve paid for but the members of the public have not paid anything for? This is a very serious issue. I wish I had a better answer to the question.”

For more thoughts on this matter from Michael and other writers for the Finn Law Group team, we encourage you to visit the following articles:

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