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Orlando Sentinel: Westgate gets sued over Portuguese sales pitches

Westgate gets sued over Portuguese sales pitches

Finn Law Group was recently featured in the Orlando Sentinel for a lawsuit against Westgate Resorts. 

The article, “Westgate Gets Sued Over Portuguese Sales Pitch,” details the case against the timeshare resort company.

The suit has been filed in Orlando federal court as a proposed class action. It alleges that Westgate translated brochures, advertisements and other materials into Portuguese, but not the sales contract that it presented to the plaintiffs, which was written exclusively in English.

These marketing tactics, as described in the lawsuit, are “designed to deceive consumers” and contain “deceptive and misleading representations.”

As our own Michael D. Finn told the Sentinel, “We don’t know how many Brazilians bought under these conditions, but I would be shocked if it’s less than 6,000 or 7000 people.”

For more, click here to read the full Sentinel article. For more information without a paywall, there is a short overview of the case available here

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