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2019 Boomer Travel Trends

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2019 Boomer Travel Trends

As the summer heats up, many people start to find their thoughts drifting towards travel. But how much are Americans actually planning to vacation this year? And are there any notable trends for boomers or updates from the industry worth keeping an eye on? Here is what we found!

Boomers continue to be avid travelers

According to AARP’s 2019 Boomer Travel Trends:

  • Boomers are “planning to take a total of 4-5 leisure trips in 2019.”
  • Only a small portion are traveling internationally.
  • Continue to not mix business and pleasure for travel.
  • #1 reason for travel is to spend time with family and friends.
  • Boomers are big spenders, estimating $6,600 on trips for 2019.

Domestic vs. International

As seen in the past, the vast majority of Boomers anticipate at least one domestic trip in 2019 (94%) with an average of 3-4 total trips cited. In addition, over half of Boomers (53%) plan on traveling internationally in 2019 with approximately 1-2 trips anticipated on average.  Approximately half expect to only travel domestically (47%) while the other half hope to travel both domestically and internationally (48%).  A mere 6% will travel abroad only.


International Bucket List Trips

24% of trips planned by boomers in 2019 will be bucket list trips.  Followed by the good old summer vacation and romantic getaway. Heritage travel, going back to one’s roots or home town, continues to account for just 1% of the international trips being planned.

Europe remains a popular destination for 2019 with England, Italy, and France mentioned most often.

Accommodations of choice

• Rental Home (25% vs. 3% Boomers)

• Bed & Breakfast (25% vs. 10% Boomers)

• RV/Campground (13% vs. 1% Boomers)


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