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Timeshare News | August, 19, 2019

Timeshare Investment Would You

In case you missed our Consumer Protection Team Tweets last week. Catch up on the latest Timeshare Poll and Scams.

Orlando Business Journal Poll, would you invest?

If you travel much, you’ve likely been asked to invest in a timeshare. Would you do it?


Ramon Presson – “Beware the Timeshare Salesman”

Manipulation Sells, Honesty Stinks and Freedom Sings.  Read the article by Ramon Presson.


“The table buy-back” Scam

Read the article, by Craig “CJ” Johnson. Instead of trying to expose the wide variety of lies that tend to be rampant at those marketing and sales centers, I’m going to concentrate on a specific lie that has gone viral over the last couple of decades, a lie that has cost and continues to cost existing timeshare owners hundreds of millions of dollars (my best guestimate). It is known as ‘the table buy-back.’


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