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Timeshare Scam Tracking – Have You Seen These Scams?

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Our Consumer Watch Team intercepted a few scams this week!  Have you seen these?  Check out the Scams from last week and how to report them.


Off-Shore Trading Contract:

Off-Shore Trading Contract STOPPED! Our #ConsumerWatchTeam intercepted this $203,125.00 USD #Scam. We are seeing a BIG increase in these complex investment schemes that are targeting and defrauding #seniors – Report to  @FBINewYork

off shore scam

Fake Law Firm:

This Timeshare Resale #Scam just made our Top 10 List of 2019! They use a Fake Law firm, with Real Travel Company Credentials from India & Mexico to pull off this scheme. It gets bigger and bigger. Have you seen this group? Report @FBITexas


TX Scam

Timeshare Resale Scam:

Our #ConsumerWatchTeam just stopped another major international #Timeshare Resale Scam. Now $355,679 + Wire fees to Mexico from a fake Texas Law Firm and using the front of an Indian travel company. Check out this #Consumerprotection intercept! @statebaroftexas – More to follow.

Timeshare Scam Tracking - Have You Seen These Scams?


How can Seniors Protect Themselves?

  • Not letting scare tactics force you into making an investment decision quickly, especially ones that will lock up your liquid investments and keep you from accessing them if needed.
  • Taking lots of time to do your investment due diligence, research and ask a lot of questions before making any final investment decisions.
  • Double checking that you’re clear on the total amount of the investment, how much the person selling it will be paid if you buy in to the investment, and if there are any fees and/or restrictions that may limit your ability to access the money you’ve invested just in case you need those funds at a later date.
  • Confirming the individual selling the investment is licensed with the Securities Division.
  • Verifying the investment is registered with the Securities Division or Securities and Exchange Commission


For questions or more tips on how to protect yourself, contact our Consumer Protection Team.

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