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Consumer Protection | Stop Bad Robocalls


This edition includes all of our announcements, content from our Consumer Watch Team.  Read more on the Stopping Bad Robocalls Act and  the Equifax Data Breach.

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Stop Bad Robocall Act Passed!

The Energy and Commerce Committee approved the Stopping Bad Robocalls Act unanimously last week and sent it to the floor, preparing it for today’s 429-3 vote.

“The rising tide of unlawful, unwanted robocalls started as a nuisance but now threatens the way consumers view and use their telephones,” Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) said today in support of the bill. “These calls are undermining our entire phone system, and that’s something we all need to take very, very seriously.”


Floridians Exposed in Equifax Data Breach

The massive Equifax data breach is the most egregious examples of a failure to protect Florida consumers’ most personal information from cybercriminals,” Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody.

What To Do If Impacted By The Equifax Breach:


Gift Card Scams – Don’t Do It!

Gift cards are excellent for birthdays and special occasions. But, if someone is demanding payment by gift card, don’t do it! @FTC explains in the video below, why anyone asking for gift cards as payment is likely a scammer.  Watch the video here.


More Consumer Protection News:

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