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Weather Man Uses Timeshare in Social Media Punchline

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TV Meteorologist Matthew Cappucci got creative this week when he took to social media, posting a new message about weather forecasts. In a tongue and cheek message to his followers, he listed all things more reliable than an extended snowfall report. That apparently included “timeshare pitches.” Known for his quick wit and humor, the Fox reporter draws a large following on Twitter by sharing the lighter side of predictable things, not excluding the weather.

Weather Man Uses Timeshare in Social Media Punchline

He wrote:

“Crystal balls, tarot cards, horoscope, magic 8-balls, online dating profiles, spam phone calls, timeshare pitches, “low fat” ice cream and “easy-assembly” furniture. These are all things more reliable and accurate than a 384 hour snowfall model cast.” 

While not surprising that Cappucci mentions timeshare presentations in his assembly of comedy, Matthew closed the delivery line on the “We’ll tell you if we know.”  Check him out @MattthewCappucci 

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