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What We’re Reading – ‘Travelers, Here’s What to Expect in 2018’

What We're Reading - 'Travelers, Here's What to Expect in 2018'

Believe it or not, “it’s not too soon to start thinking about your 2018 itineraries” – at least according to USA Today, which recently published an article that also helpfully reminds readers that “spring break is only a few weeks away.”

And a reminder that 2018’s peak travel season is “just around the corner” isn’t all that the paper’s “2018 Travel Forecast” is good for. The article, written by Christopher Elliott, is also packed full of interesting information on travel safety and industry trends, well worth considering as you plan your vacation time for the rest of 2018 and beyond.

So, what bits of news jumped out at us?

Of particular note for the casual traveler is that “prices are headed higher” the deeper we go into 2018. As Elliott explains:

“Global airfares are expected to rise 3.5% in 2018, while hotel prices will climb 3.7%, slightly higher than the predicted 3% inflation rate, according to the travel management company Carlson Wagonlit Travel and the the Global Business Travel Association Foundation.”

But, while Elliott notes that “it’ll pay to plan ahead,” he’s also optimistic that we’re at “a tipping point” when it comes to “annoying fees.” As he puts it:

“The average resort fee, which covers everything from “free” WiFi to access to exercise facilities, is now at almost $21 per night, a jump of 8.7% from a year ago, according to Both hotel guests and regulators are angry about what they say are deceptive fees, and they want to stop them. This could be the year they do.”


It’s also worth noting all of the ways in which the global turbulence and uncertainty of 2017 will continue to influence and impact consumers in 2018. For instance, Elliott suggests that travelers will be making a concerted effort to stay out of “hotspots” when they travel throughout 2018, avoiding countries like Turkey and seeking out “substitutes” to Caribbean destinations, many of which are still continuing to rebuild from 2017’s spate of destructive hurricanes.

To that end, the writer also predicts that, in 2018, travelers will be “more worried about safety than ever,” both when it comes to security on the ground, and avoiding fraud and scams online.

Still, all things considered, Elliott ultimately seems positive about the outlook for travelers in 2018, writing that the year “will be full of opportunities for travelers, but also risks. Enjoy your trip.”

To read more of his thoughts – including an interesting glimpse at how AI could influence the travel and vacation industries in the year ahead – we encourage you to read the full piece over at USA Today. For more on how staying safe from scams targeting timeshare and vacation rental consumers, we encourage you to read on here and here.

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