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Timeshare & Scam Alerts | July 3, 2019

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Our Consumer Watch Team at Finn Law Group is investigating scams to protect you!

Timeshare Alerts:

  • Expert Vacation Club Resales is using a developer association stamp of approval and it is FAKE! More to come.


  • Don’t believe everything you see in TV commercials, especially if it is a timeshare exit company making qualified promises and time-based “money back” guarantees. The BBB also warns consumers of the “Timeshare Exit Trap”.


Scam Alerts:

  • iPhone Scam is the latest phishin scam. Beware of unsolicited calls to your cell phone from “Apple Inc.”. Read the full article from the BBB.


  • Airfare con with third-party websites are cancelling your airline reservations after charging you! Beware of an online booking process where you receive a call shortly after making the payment to verify your name and banking information. Read the full article from the BBB.


At Finn Law Group, our Consumer Protection Team is working hard to help consumers understand their rights.  Your best tool is education, contact our Consumer Protection Specialists today.


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