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Timeshare Owners Angry Over Exit Process at Resort

Timeshare Information Network // 12/16/21

An article on continues coverage on the sale and distribution of a former timeshare development known as Carriage Hills and Carriage Ridge Resort. While the new developer of the property has been converting timeshares into condos, Marg Bruineman writes that owners are becoming concerned with the pace of the process as converted units are already being sold.

It’s been a long and expensive journey for many of those owners who by a court order, paid to exit from their contracts through a dissolution of the timeshare association and sale of property through BDO Canada. The deeded owners were required to pay all fees in advance for a small pay out after the property was acquired in a bidding process and converted to a non-timeshare country club.

An attorney that represents several of the former timeshare owners told another media outlet after the last hearing that there is a lot of frustration and anger.

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