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Timeshare News | Feb 1, 2019

Timeshare News

This edition includes all of our announcements, content from the timeshare community and the latest from our Consumer Watch Team.


1.   Deja Vu, This Mexican Timeshare echoes the Lyrics of Hotel California by The Eagles.

Amy Martyn brings to light the sales pitch from a resort in Mexico in her article titled, “You can check out a Mexican timeshare circus theme park anytime you like, but you can never leave.”

What could go wrong when “treated to breakfast, coupons for a free four wheeler tour, and two bottles of tequila”?


2.   Timeshare V Holiday Club: We revisited an article posted in 2016 to clarify any confusion on Timeshares Vs Holiday or Vacation Clubs.

Explained: Timeshares Vs Holiday Clubs


3.   Michael Finn Explains the “Timeshare Developer’s Dilemma”

“The lure of owning real estate remains the “siren song” of timeshare marketing, even if the industry is acutely aware that its less than reputable sales and marketing techniques need to be refined and made more consumer friendly.” Read the full article by Aurora DeRose in the EIN Presswire for more from our Founder, Michael Finn regarding this dilemma.  “Isn’t that a bit like the classic bait and switch?”


4.   Timeshare Presentation Quick Tips

One of our favorite “Timeshare Crusader’s”, Lisa Ann Shreier wrote this week in Senior News about Quick Tips Before You Listen To A Timeshare Presentation.  Read Lisa’s full article and follow her on Twitter @lisalooksat for the latest candid take on timeshare issues.


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