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Timeshare News | June 14, 2019

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This week we identify the top Timeshare Exit Scams, Fake Law Firms and Fraudulent Travel Agents. Follow our Consumer Watch Team for the latest.


Beware of Timeshare Exit Companies:

5 On Your Side Investigative Reporter PJ Randhawa reports on #timeshare exit scams. Watch the #news video here:

WBRC – FOX 6 Reports with the #BBB on #Timeshare – What you need to know and What you can do to protect yourself from #Exit scams!


Watch out for Fake Law Firms!

FCW is a #Timeshare Resale Scam posing as a law firm and is not in the State of CT.

This website below was just suspended. The new website has been up 1 week and 4 days (http://INTLAWFCW.COM )


Top Scams of the Week:

McAfee reveals top summer destinations that are most vulnerable to booking scams.

News highlights:

  • Approximately one in five Americans (18%) has been scammed or nearly scammed when booking a vacation online.
  • 30% of travel-related scam victims reported that they lost between $1,000 and $3,000 as a result of the fraudulent activity.
  • A third (31%) of vacation scam victims were defrauded after spotting a deal that was too good to be true.
  • Two in five (40%) Americans put their companies at risk of cyberattacks by using their work devices while travelling and connecting to unsecure Wi-Fi networks.

Read the full article here.


Juan Arteaga fined for operating as a travel agent – Now turned over to the FBI.

Families across the country accuse Juan Arteaga of taking their money to book cruises, flights, hotels and vacation packages at a discounted price, but learned their trips were not booked and their money wasn’t returned.

Read the full article here.


Hundreds of #Timeshares listed on eBay today between a #Penny to a #Dollar with no bids.

The question is how did all of these folks get to this point and the answer is a broken resale model.  Read the BBB article here.


At Finn Law Group, our Consumer Protection Team is working hard to help consumers understand their rights.  Your best tool is education, contact our Consumer Protection Specialists today.


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