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Options to Exit a Timeshare Contract:

 (1) Timeshare Resale Market  

You may first want to contact your developer to determine what, if any, resale market exists for the vacation ownership interval or points. The timeshare resale market is highly over saturated with auction listingsmany selling for as little as $1USD. The Risk; if errors occur in the transfer of ownership, you could still be financially liable and the ownership of the timeshare could default back to you.

(2) Relief and Redemption Companies

Timeshare relief and redemption companies, many of which work by means of providing unqualified guarantees and assurances to clients of 100% satisfaction. Be prepared for a SLOW and UNRESPONSIVE process! Most tend to require an high upfront fee – essentially providing undefinable terms of what the company will be able to deliver. The Risk (again); if errors occur in the transfer of ownership, you could still be financially liable and the timeshare ownership could default back to you.

(3) Timeshare Rental Market

The timeshare rental market can be highly competitive – there is quite a lot of unwanted inventory already floating around the marketplace, and travelers have more options for finding inexpensive accommodations than ever before.

(4) Hire a Timeshare Attorney

When consumers feel trapped and entirely overwhelmed by their timeshare obligation as a result of unfair inducements, rising maintenance fees and added restrictions, a Free consultation with our law firm may be the most viable option for permanent, lasting relief through legal termination of your timeshare contract and permanent cancellation of debt.

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