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Timeshare & Consumer Protection News | December 9, 2019

Timeshare News

Timeshare & Consumer Protection News from around the Globe.

Take a look at the latest articles we are reading about robocalls and the timeshare industry.

Consumer Protection:

Robocalls: Why they must be stopped!

Adding your number to the federal Do Not Call registry is moderately effective for avoiding traditional telemarketers but useless for escaping fraudulent robocalls.
Don’t fall for the common scams.
Many Americans have been called by a fake Social Security Administration representative, who claims that the recipient’s Social Security number is compromised, asks for the number, and then uses it to commit identity theft. (In reality, the IRS and SSA don’t make unrequested telephone calls.) Other scams offer 0 percent interest rates or predatory health-care deals, timing these calls for tax season and ObamaCare sign-up periods.

Timeshare News:

Florida Senate Bill 1128 – Vacation Rentals  – Advertising, Licensing, etc.

We are reviewing the Florida Senate Bill 1128.


ASIC report offers insights into consumer harm from timeshare schemes.

Similar to issues commonly reported in the United States, this Australian report offers insights into consumer harm from timeshare schemes.

Report 642 Timeshare: Consumers’ experiences (REP 642) presents key findings from qualitative research commissioned by ASIC to explore consumers’ experiences with timeshare from the initial approach and sale through to membership use and the exit process.


Don’t Fall for Deception, Pressure and Traps Disguised as Vacations.

Regional BBB Study of the Timeshare and Vacation Club Industry with Stats, Graphs and Recommendations. (PDF).


Opinion: Battling Timeshare Groups.

There should be stronger regulations in ALL areas of Timeshare. Few know that the industry actually wrote many, if not all of the various timeshare statutes that govern vacation ownership. Fun Fact: Former TS Execs run most exit firms.

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