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RCI Timeshare Cancellation

Do you need legal assistance with your RCI Timeshare Cancellation? Whether due to a legal issue, change in financial situation or health condition, Finn Law Group may be able to help you now. If you want to terminate your RCI timeshare contract and eliminate future payments and fees, Call Attorney Mike Finn today at 855-FINN-LAW or fill out the contact form on this page.

How Do I Cancel My RCI Timeshare Contract?

(1) Contact RCI Resorts

One option is to contact RCI to see if you can self-negotiate an exit solution directly with the company. Your resort developer, management company or property owner’s association may have a points or timeshare cancellation program already in place. Keep in mind that your options may be limited once the state-mandated rescission period has passed. You may want to request in advance all cancellation terms and conditions as well as fees that may apply for points relinquishment from RCI.

(2) Rental and Third-Party Resale

Many RCI Timeshare owners attempt to rent out their own vacation points, using an online marketplace such as eBay or another rental platform. Be sure to read the RCI member guidelines and rules regarding renting out your own vacation interval. Often restrictions apply to those in RCI club membership who use third-party rental companies. Guest certificate fees as well as other significant trade power restrictions may apply.

RCI members may also look to third-party resale companies to attempt to sell timeshare. We advise that you steer away from upfront online advertising firms that hold themselves out as resale companies. Many of these secondary market companies have no resale licensing at all and typically only apply for a telemarketing license as required by various state laws. If you choose to look at resale, check eBay or other websites that show actual sales of timeshare resales and not just listings. Many timeshares can be bought and are sold for as little as a dollar on the secondary market. Other types of companies that operate in the resale marketplace are travel club/trade-in and transfer groups. These companies are not directly connected to RCI and members should also use caution when considering using any of these services. Regulatory warnings are issued frequently about the above types of timeshare exit companies and those specific services offered.

(3) Cancel your RCI Timeshare contract with a Timeshare Attorney

Cancelling your RCI timeshare contract can be a difficult and complex process. The best way to cancel your timeshare contract is to enlist the help of a qualified timeshare attorney. With their expertise, they can guide you through the cancellation process and ensure that all requirements are met for your specific case.

At our firm, we have experienced attorneys who specialize in cancelling timeshare contracts. We understand how difficult the process can be and are dedicated to helping our clients cancel their RCI Timeshare memberships quickly, efficiently and for a fair price. Our attorneys will review your contract and provide you with specific legal advice on how best to cancel your agreement.

Our team of professionals will work closely with you throughout the entire cancelation process to ensure that everything is handled properly. We also provide ongoing support and advice after the cancelation is complete, so our clients have peace of mind that their timeshare has been successfully cancelled.

If you are looking for help cancelling your RCI Timeshare contract, contact us for a free consultation with an experienced attorney.

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Led by Attorney Michael D. Finn with 50 years of experience, the Finn Law Group is a consumer protection firm specializing in timeshare law. Our lawyers understand vacation ownership as well as the many pitfalls of the secondary market of timeshare resales. If you feel you have been victimized by a timeshare company, contact our offices for a free consultation. 




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