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In the News – Michael Finn Talks to Orlando’s News 6

In the News - Michael Finn Talks to Orlando's News 6


Michael Finn of Finn Law Group discussing the Timeshare TrapIn the News – Michael Finn Talks to Orlando’s News 6

Here at Finn Law Group, our mission is to help educate timeshare owners whenever and wherever we can – which means that we’re always on the lookout to spread the truth about timeshare cancellation services and programs.

To that end, our own Michael Finn recently sat down with News 6 investigator Eryka Washington to talk timeshares, and what consumers can do when they feel trapped into a “lifetime obligation,” particularly after a high pressure sales scenario.

News crew setting up for a segmentNews 6 Investigates Timeshare Owner Issues

Ms. Washington came to Finn Law Group to learn more about timeshare ownership issues in general after News 6 Investigators recently helped one timeshare owner, Ralph Marble, who no longer felt comfortable traveling due to a medical condition.

Challenges Faced by Seniors in Timeshare Contracts

The plight of Ralph Marble, as highlighted in the article, sheds light on a significant yet often overlooked issue: the difficulties seniors face in managing timeshare obligations. Marble’s prolonged struggle to relinquish his timeshare ownership directly with the resort, spanning several years, underscores a systemic problem many elderly timeshare owners encounter. Despite his earnest efforts, Marble’s attempts were met with resistance, a scenario all too familiar to many in his age group.

The complexities for seniors in such situations are manifold. Firstly, as they advance in age, their lifestyle and health needs change, often reducing their ability to travel or enjoy a timeshare property. This shift can transform what was once a cherished investment into a burdensome financial and physical strain. Moreover, the emotional toll of feeling trapped in an unwanted contract cannot be understated, as it can lead to stress and anxiety, which are particularly detrimental to senior citizens.

Ch 6 News Segment on the Timeshare TrapElderly Exploitation in the Timeshare Resale Market

Marble’s experience in the timeshare resale market further illuminates the challenges faced by seniors. The market, as described by News 6, is rife with challenges, including a saturation of “worthless timeshare listings” and the prevalence of “bogus” claims by scam artists. Seniors, often being less familiar with the intricacies of such markets and potentially more trusting, are especially vulnerable to these scams.

They may find themselves targeted by unscrupulous individuals or companies that exploit their desire to exit their timeshare contracts, leading to financial losses and a sense of betrayal. Attorney Michael Finn’s observation that Marble’s story is “very, very typical” is a stark reminder of the widespread nature of this issue. It’s not just an isolated incident but a representative example of a broader trend affecting senior timeshare owners. This demographic often finds itself at a disadvantage, lacking the necessary resources or support to navigate the complex and sometimes predatory timeshare industry.

For more from attorney Michael Finn, we encourage you to watch the full Channel 6 video, and be sure to keep your eye on our Learning Center for the latest in timeshare news and insights from around the industry.

Disclosure: This article is for information purposes only and is not intended as legal advice. Always seek professional guidance when dealing with timeshare related matters.


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