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Michael D. Finn of Finn Law Group celebrates 50 years of practice

Michael D. Finn of Finn Law Group celebrates 50 years of practice

Michael D. Finn of Finn Law Group celebrates 50 years of practice
Finn and others to be honored at State Bar of Michigan ceremony

This year marks the celebration of a special event at Finn Law Group. Today, we are pleased to announce that our founder Michael D. Finn has reached 50 years of practice. This significant milestone will be memorialized later this year at a special golden celebration event hosted by the State Bar of Michigan, honoring distinguished attorneys for their time in practice.

Timeshare Attorney Michael D. Finn

Mr. Finn describes his legal career as an amazing journey that has spanned over 5 decades. “Simply put, I apply the same practical approach to practicing law today as I did back in 1970. While we’ve evolved this firm into a unique practice area, mostly based on my own diverse background and experience, we still pride ourselves in providing our clients with one on one service. Having been a real estate broker and a former CPA,

I’ve always considered these trained disciplines to be the cornerstone of my practice,” said Mike Finn.

Finn’s 50 years of practice also highlight the importance of experience in the legal profession. Legal matters can be complex and challenging, and attorneys must have the knowledge and expertise to navigate them successfully. Experience allows attorneys to develop the skills and judgment necessary to provide effective legal counsel to their clients. It also helps them anticipate potential challenges and devise strategies to overcome them.

Finn Law GroupThe Foundation of Finn Law Group

Over the last 5 decades, I’ve served the needs of thousands of clients who’ve sought the experience of a proven attorney and litigator. Over a decade ago, I founded Finn Law Group and developed a concentration on consumer timeshare resolution issues. There is no “secret sauce” to cancel a timeshare. Unlike timeshare exit companies, our law firm has and continues to employ important skills of negotiation or litigation to accomplish timeshare cancellation options for our clients. Our experience equals results and I’m proud to have built a national consumer protection firm with a veteran team of attorneys and legal professionals to support our clients.,” said Finn.

We asked Mr. Finn what the future holds after 50 years of practice. He responded with a smile and said “ultimately, when you love what you do, it makes it really easy to come to work every day. I’ll probably still be practicing 20 years from now.”

Disclosure: This article is for information purposes only and is not intended as legal advice.


Mr. Finn is widely viewed as an authority in the field of timeshare law and has been interviewed and featured in dozens of newspapers and magazines like the New York Times, AARP, Kiplinger Magazine, The Orlando Sentinel and Florida Trend Magazine and many other news programs. He can be reached at 727-214-0700 x 107 or by email at [email protected] *For more information on Finn Law Group, go to


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