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Festiva Class Action Settlement

Settlement in Class Action Class Action Settlement with Zealandia Holding Company also known as Festiva Hospitality Group

This webpage was created to provide you with additional information regarding the finalized settlement, effective as of December 1, 2016, in the case known as Reeves, et. al v. Zealandia Holding Company, Inc., f/k/a Festiva Hospitality Group, Inc., et. al. Case No. 6:13-cv-00597-28TBS.

On October 25, 2016, District Judge John Antoon, approved the proposed settlement agreement.  The “Effective Date” of the settlement was December 1, 2016.

Prior to the Court’s approval of the Settlement Agreement, the Court mailed all potential Class Members a Class Notice and Claim Form.  Those potential Class Members who filed the Claim Form by the deadline of May 30, 2016, will receive their portion of the settlement as outlined in the Settlement Agreement.  For terms of the settlement, please refer to the Class Notice and Settlement Agreement previously mailed to all Class Members.  The Class Notice, Claim Form, and Settlement Agreement are each available for your convenience by clicking the appropriate link(s) below.

Festiva Adventure Club – Vacation Benefit Option:

For Class Members who chose the Vacation Benefit Option, Festiva mailed your Vacation Certificates in the final week of December 2016.

Festiva Hospitality Group – Deed back Option:

For Class Members who chose the Deed back Option, Festiva mailed the necessary paperwork at the end of January 2017.

RCI Bonus Weeks are available for use; you can book vacation(s) using your RCI Bonus Week(s) as further described in the Class Notice by calling RCI at (888) 724-1732.

Class Action Claims Administrator

For any additional information regarding the settlement or receiving your portion of the settlement, please contact the Class Action Claims Administrator at (888) 206-2123.

The documents referenced below can be viewed by clicking on their respective links.

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