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The Magic of Disney, is it fading for the Timeshare Resale Market?

timeshare resale disney vacation club

Disney Vacation Club announced earlier that as of January 19, 2019, contracts purchased after this date will only be able to exchange into those 14 existing resorts in the DVC network.

Why does this matter? The typical time frame for members to keep DVC contracts is 5-15 years, making the resale market for DVC contracts a booming business.  Now Disney is discouraging purchases via the resale market by limiting where contracts purchased for a resort can be used. This means that the resale value will be much less, yet more revenue for Disney as they restrict the use of Members points in the DVC network.

Ken Storey of the Orlando Weekly shares his point of view on the Disney Timeshare Program changes.


Michael Finn speaks to Determining the Resale Value of your Timeshare in this video.

For more thoughts and insight on the value of timeshare resales, please feel free to peruse some of the following resources from Michael and the Finn Law Group team:

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