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Consumer Protection News | October 25, 2019

Consumer Protection

Follow Finn Law Group for the latest news and headlines on Consumer Protection. Read about Senior Scams on Genetic testing, Free Trial Scams and Gift Car Law changes.

New York Proposes Major Changes to Gift Card Law That May Affect Other Forms of Prepaid

This legislation would make four major changes to the current statute. It would (1) re-define “gift certificate,” (2) broaden the fee restrictions, (3) prohibit expiration dates, and (4) establish a cash redemption requirement

Read the full article in the National Law Review on Gift Card Law Changes


Subscription Traps and Deceptive Free Trials Scam Millions with Misleading Ads and Fake Celebrity Endorsements

Better Business Bureau’s (BBB’s) in-depth investigative study found that many of these free trial offers are not free. They do not just send free product samples to try. If you can locate and read the fine print on the order page, or the terms and conditions buried by a link, you’ll discover that you may have only 14 days to receive, evaluate and return the product to avoid being charged $100 or more. In addition, the same hidden information may state that by accepting the offer, you’ve also signed up for monthly shipments of the products. Those also will be charged to your credit card and become subscription traps. Many people find it difficult to contact the seller to stop recurring charges, halt shipments and get a refund.

Read the full article from the BBB on Free Trial Scams.


BBB Warning: Beware of Genetic Testing Scam hitting Florida

BBB’s Scam Tracker received a recent report of two gentleman dressed in “Scrubs” wearing name badges knocking on doors in Pinellas County, FL.  They were claiming to be from a company that did Medicare-covered cancer screening offering a mouth swab.  The men collected her Medicare number, secondary insurance information, social security number and a picture of her Driver’s License only to never provide the results or return calls.

Read the full article from the BBB on Genetic Testing Scams.

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