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Can You Give Back Timeshare?

Can You Give Back Timeshare?

Can You Give Back Timeshare?

If you’re stuck with a vacation program that you no longer want or can use, you may be wondering can you give back timeshare? While this can sometimes be an option, it’s important to understand a few things. First, giving back your timeshare may not cancel your contract. The developer must be willing to provide you a form of release in order for you to relinquish your member beneficiary use rights or to give back timeshare where there is a deeded interest.

contract reportUnwinding Timeshares: Financial Barriers and Developer Dynamics

In most cases, for this to even be considered you may be required to pay off the promissory note in advance as well as pay other substantial fees associated with timeshare cancellation. Secondly, the developer may not be willing to take the property back, even if there is nothing owed on the timeshare. This is especially true if it’s a points based vacation membership that can’t easily be resold by the owner or the developer.

To highlight a major difference between timeshare programs, we can illustrate that unlike deeded ownership where there are specific use rights which are legally recorded, the developers say that members with points represent the opportunity to use and enjoy accommodations and facilities subject to the trust declaration and have been determined by the current occupancy demand of the vacation interest.

Timeshares are notoriously difficult to get rid of, and many people end up paying for their vacation program long after they stop or can’t continue vacationing. Before timeshare owners try to give back timeshare, many will attempt to sell or rent their timeshare themselves to recoup any monies already paid. With so many of these timeshare properties available on the secondary market, this can become a daunting task. For example, auction sites like eBay have hundreds of listings posted online for as little as a dollar that won’t sell due to lack of demand, leaving those owners unsuccessful and frustrated in their efforts.

The fine print in contractsThe Fine Print of Timeshare Resales: Brokers, Benefits, and Barriers

There are a few real estate companies that specialize in timeshare resales. The Licensed Timeshare Resale Broker Association (LTRBA) may be able to give you some idea as to what your property is worth on the secondary market.

While there are often fees and commissions associated with these resale services, this may be a very good option to explore. It is possible that in the end, the commissions may offset any monies gained or even cost more money than the timeshare sold for. That said, this is a great starting place to determine if you can sell your vacation membership.

The intervals that timeshare brokers handle are often limited and that’s in part due to the fact that timeshare companies also have strict rules regarding secondary market resales. Developers can even restrict the purchase of a resale with a first right of refusal and/or deny the transaction if they believe the new prospective buyer or renter is unsuitable. Other timeshare companies will attempt to rent an owners interval first to give the appearance that the property is in high demand, and only offer a resale once they’ve been unsuccessful in renting it.

Seeking Legal Timeshare Exit Solutions

timeshare exit at a resort

As experienced timeshare attorneys, we understand the complexities and challenges owners face when seeking to exit their timeshare agreements. It’s essential for timeshare owners to be aware that while returning the timeshare to the developer might seem like a straightforward path, this process is often not transparent and can come with unexpected financial implications.

When considering developer exit programs, it’s important to approach with caution. These programs, although marketed as solutions, are not always designed with the timeshare owner’s best interests in mind. Many lack clear information about eligibility, process, and costs, and in numerous cases, some owners have found themselves facing hefty fees to be released from their contracts. This lack of transparency is a significant concern, and it’s vital to thoroughly understand the terms and potential financial burdens before proceeding.

Review all timeshare exit optionsThe Timeshare Exit Landscape

Given this landscape, our role as timeshare attorneys is to guide our clients through the maze of options, ensuring they make informed decisions that align with their interests. While a developer’s exit program might appear as an easy way out, it’s imperative to scrutinize these offers closely.

Without question it should be your first stop. We advocate for a comprehensive review of all available options, including the exploration of ‘give back’ programs, which might be more straightforward and less costly.

However, these programs are not universally suitable, particularly for those entangled in specific legal complexities or facing unique circumstances. In scenarios where the timeshare developer or their managing entity is unwilling to cooperate in facilitating a return, we help our clients navigate the limited alternatives. This might involve exploring different avenues to exit the timeshare agreement or providing counsel on managing the ongoing responsibilities of a timeshare that no longer meets their needs.

Ultimately, our commitment is to ensure that our clients are equipped with all the necessary information and legal support to make the best decision for their situation, whether that means engaging with developer exit programs, pursuing a ‘give back’ option, or exploring other legal avenues. As timeshare attorneys, we emphasize the importance of a client-focused approach, prioritizing their rights and interests in every step of the timeshare exit process.

This article is for information purposes only and is not intended as legal advice. For contract matters, always consult an attorney.


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