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BBB Improves Scam Tracker

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The Better Business Bureau has rolled out a new and improved Scam Tracker, making it easier for consumers to find information about the latest scams and prevent themselves from becoming victims. Since the original Scam Tracker launched in 2015, the BBB has helped countless consumers stay informed about fraudulent attempts and how to avoid them.

In 2021 The BBB Scam Tracker Online Tool Saved Consumers $31.4 Million

What’s New in BBB Scam Tracker 2.0?

The Bureau announced the following improvements:

  • It is now easier for consumers to report scams via mobile or desktop
  • It now includes a new guided questionnaire that makes it quick and easy to report a scam
  • Consumers can now review and edit their reports before submission, and then share the report with friends and family via social media or email
  • They also have the option to receive updates about the constantly evolving tactics that scammers use
  • An upgraded search function enables consumers to search scams in the tool by URL, email address, phone number and more

BBB Scam Tracker Helps Detect and Reports Fraud

How Does The Scam Tracker Work?

The BBB Scam Tracker is a helpful, free tool that anyone can access and use. Searching for or reporting on scams is easy to do by going online to the Scam Tracker. The bureau routinely collects data and analyzes it to generate scam alerts. These updates appear on the Scam Tracker regularly, so users are always in-the-know about new schemes.

Consumer Scams in 2022

Here are some of the most prevalent scams this year, so you can be extra vigilant in avoiding them:

– COVID-19 Scams

– Travel and Timeshare Scams

– Online Purchase Scams

– Imposter Scams

The BBB also collaborates with government agencies, private partners, and the media to raise awareness about various scams. For example, Amazon and the BBB are currently running an education campaign on how to spot impersonation scams. With these enhancements, the BBB Scam Tracker is a valuable resource in the fight against consumer fraud.

Reporting Scams To The BBB

By reporting scams to the BBB, you can not only help law enforcement investigate and bring charges against those responsible, but also warn others about active threats. Your report can be instrumental in taking down entire criminal operations by providing information that facilitates investigations of scammers and their businesses or individuals.

In the world of consumer protection, the BBB is on the front lines, fighting scams and educating consumers about how to avoid them. With the new Scam Tracker, it’s now easier to stay informed and protect yourself from fraud.

This article is for informational purposes and is not intended as legal advice. If you feel you need a consumer protection attorney, seek out qualified professional assistance from a BBB member.


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