How To Find The Best Timeshare Cancellation Attorney

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How To Find The Best Timeshare Cancellation Attorney

When looking for a timeshare attorney, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the number of options as you search online for “Get out of Timeshare” or “Timeshare Exit.” Finding a timeshare attorney is no different. A few timeshare exit companies know this and use names that make it appear to a consumer that they themselves are law firms when they are not. When you select an attorney to represent you want to retain a firm that can get the job done and who will be a good fit for you. Throughout your search you may find many similarities in the attorneys that you consult with but know that some lawyers are better than others especially when you consider experience. Here’s more on how to find the best timeshare cancellation attorney for you.

What Is A Timeshare Cancellation?

Before you begin looking for an attorney, you must understand the difference between a timeshare cancellation and a timeshare exit.

A timeshare cancellation can generally only occur during that brief period between when you purchased it and when you are legally allowed to back out. This is different from a timeshare exit, which can occur any time after the cancellation period has expired.

When interviewing a timeshare cancellation attorney, you need to be specific on what you are looking for as there may be a different approach to handling a cancellation versus an exit.


Different Attorney Approaches

Not all lawyers agree, so you may need to meet with several to gauge how much time, effort, and money will be required to handle your cancellation. You may encounter wildly different opinions on what the outcome of your case may be. Get a sense of how different lawyers operate, as some of their approaches might fit your needs more than others.


Ask Questions

In order for you to be comfortable with your lawyer, you should come prepared with a lot of questions on the process and how they will keep you informed. One of the most common issues that a client may have about their lawyers is being unable to get in touch with them about their case. Learning the lawyer’s communication style, including how they plan to keep you up to date on how your case is developing, will be vital when selecting a lawyer that is best for you.

Go Over The Fee Before You Sign

Perhaps the second most common concern about hiring a lawyer is attorney fees. Before you agree to have an attorney represent you, it is important that you understand how their fee will be calculated. Some lawyers charge by the hour, while others charge a flat fee. Additionally, a lawyer that is charging hourly may require you to put down a retainer for them to get started on your case. This is essentially just a down payment which they will then bill against as your case moves along. Requesting periodic billing statements throughout the life of your case can help keep you informed on the running tally of the bill.

Look For Client Reviews And Testimonials

While not all lawyers have them, client reviews or testimonials can be a vital source of information concerning the quality of work your lawyer has done in the past. Clearly the more positive client reviews, the better. Look to the BBB, AVVO and Martindale Hubbel for attorney reviews.


Contact A Timeshare Lawyer

An experienced timeshare lawyer will be able to review your contract and advise you on the options best suited for your situation. The Finn Law Group has been helping timeshare owners for over ten years. We may be able to help you quickly determine a feasible and affordable way to get out of your timeshare. Our knowledgeable timeshare attorneys can present you with options and help ensure that you make the best decision for your situation. Reach out to us for a free consultation by calling (855) 346-6529 or by contacting us online.


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