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Ready To Cancel Your Timeshare Contract?

For a true Timeshare Contract Cancellation or Dispute a licensed Timeshare Attorney is your best bet. We encourage you to reach out to discuss your next steps!

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We Will Discuss Your Options for Timeshare Contract Cancellation or Relief.

Many consumers find that having a legal professional on their side during this negotiation process offers significant advantages.

An attorney has a professional obligation to represent his or her clients  – meaning that they are not beholden to the wishes and financial influence of the resort developers, as so many third party relief and resale companies inevitably are.

Having a qualified legal professional in their corner may well offer consumers a number of practical advantages when it comes to negotiating with their resort company.

Under FDCPA, a consumer can be shielded from third party debt collectors as long as he or she has retained an attorney; instead, the debt collector must contact the attorney.

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Legal Timeshare Representation

Our firm is centered around protecting the rights of our clients through aggressive representation. The Finn Law Group has regularly achieved practical results, in a timely manner, against companies who use unfair and deceptive trade practices against consumers.

A timeshare lawyer is needed in cases where a consumer dispute appears to be at an impasse and legal assistance is required to resolve the dispute or litigate the issue.

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Not Sure How To Cancel Your Timeshare Contract?

We legally assist consumers in terminating timeshare contracts.

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