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Consumer Lawyer’s Role In Timeshare Cancellation

Lawyers Role In Timeshare Cancellation

The Consumer Lawyer’s Role In Assisting Their Clients Attempting To Cancel A Timeshare

Few consumers within the general consuming public have had an occasion to require the services of a lawyer that exclusively practices consumer law, and, more likely than not, most would probably prefer to keep it that way!

Lawyers Specializing In Consumer Related Matters

However, lawyers who specialize in consumer related matters typically represent their consumer clients in matters dealing with large corporations who typically have far more financial resources than the average consumer. Therefore, it’s fair then to state that as a class, consumer orientated lawyers are somewhat of a special breed, in that they are often placed into ‘David v. Goliath’ type situations where their client requires a strong legal voice, someone who will zealously advocate for their clients’ cause, but who knows that their clients are not going to be able to match or even approximate their opponents’ financial and therefore legal resources!

Finn Law Group, P.A. is, we believe, that special breed of law firm that deserves your consideration when, as a consumer you find yourself facing a large corporate adversary in a situation where that corporation has, from a legal standpoint, seized the upper hand!  Envision the scenario wherein the consumer has unexpectedly found themselves in a situation where perhaps they were on vacation, and in a carefree moment, lowered their guard and allowed themselves to be talked into signing a contract that, on first blush, would seem to offer them a lifetime of fantastic vacation experiences at a fraction of their retail cost! However, when that ‘almost too good to be true’ euphoria dissipates, that consumer may come to feel as though their ‘vacation contract for life’ is not exactly what they thought they bargained for.

Why Is It Important To Seek Legal Advice?

Even those consumers who are able to successfully utilize their timeshare purchase must eventually come to a point where they have simply aged out of their timeshare purchase, or other life issues like disability or divorce have come between them and their ability to continue to effectively use their vacation opportunities. Those folks as well are among those should seek legal assistance if their resort is unwilling to let them out of their lifelong contract.

Why is it important to seek legal advice? Because, whether knowingly or not, you are now stuck in a legal contract with no clear-cut way to simply walk away without suffering some potentially serious legal consequences for breaching a contract that is, at least on its face, legally enforceable. If the product you purchased was anything but a timeshare interest, you could probably just sell it and walk away. However, a timeshare membership product is different. It has very little to no resale value, so particularly if you still have a purchase price note balance, your chances of re-marketing your timeshare interest is essentially non-existent! Did the resort who initially sold you your interest know there was little to no resale interest? If so, was that fair, or even legal? Proper questions for you to discuss with your consumer timeshare attorney!

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