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Consumer Protection – Robo Calls

Consumer Protection - Robo Calls

Telemarketers calling you from a robo call systemConsumer Protection – Robo Calls

Our Consumer Watch Team is deeply committed to looking out for the rights and well-being of older adults and all consumers. We’re focused on keeping you informed about the serious issue of Robo Calls. Every month, people get hit with a massive wave of these calls—over 4.5 billion of them. These aren’t just minor annoyances; they’re major disruptions to everyday life, cutting into quiet time, work hours, and family moments.

The problem with so many Robo Calls is that they can make people tired of their phones, causing them to miss important calls because they’re mixed in with all the unwanted ones. These calls can also trick people, especially older adults who might not be up to date with technology, into scams or false information.

Fighting against Robo Calls is about more than stopping an irritation. It’s about protecting our private lives, making sure our phones are tools we can trust, and keeping everyone safe from scam artists who hide behind these calls. Our team is working hard to make sure you can use your phone without worry, teaching you how to spot and handle these calls, and pushing for strong rules in the consumer protection community to help keep these calls in check.

constant sales calls from telemarketers using a robo callerRobo Calls an Unwelcome Disturbance

We recognize the disruption and annoyance caused by the incessant flood of robocalls. These calls are not just a source of irritation but are also the leading complaint category to the FTC, making up 65 percent of all reports. It’s important to note, however, that not all robocalls are illegal.

Here’s a breakdown:

Robo Calls That Are Generally Legal:

  • Political and Charitable Calls: It’s legal for political groups, candidates, and charities to send prerecorded messages to your home phone.
  • Informational Calls: Your pharmacy, your child’s school, or your healthcare provider may send calls that are crucial for you to receive.
  • Telemarketing Calls: Legitimate businesses may contact you with a live operator on your home phone legally. Prerecorded telemarketing messages are legal only with your prior written consent and must be placed during reasonable hours.

Robo Calls That Are Generally Prohibited:

  • Unauthorized Mobile Calls: Any robocall to your mobile device requires your explicit consent. Without it, the call is illegal.
  • Fraudulent Spoofed Calls: Calls using a spoofed number to defraud or cause harm are illegal. Spoofing is legal only when used by certain organizations to protect confidentiality.

If you receive such calls, the FTC suggests hanging up immediately and reporting the incident to 877-FTC-HELP or through the FTC’s Complaint Assistant online.

This article is for information purposes only and is not intended as legal advice. Please consult with a licensed attorney for any legal questions or concerns about violations of federal telemarketing laws.

At Finn Law Group, our team is not only tracking these issues but is also actively involved in educating consumers and providing support to effectively manage these calls.

For further insights, consider these quotes from recent discussions on robocalls:

  • “Robocalls are not just a nuisance; they’re a significant barrier to consumer peace of mind.” – Source: CNBC
  • “The fight against fraudulent robocalls is not just about annoyance; it’s about maintaining the integrity of our communication systems.” – Source: CRS Reports, Congress


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