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Best et al vs. Bluegreen Corporation – Foreclosure Removal

TS Today Podcast with Michael D. Finn

Best et al vs. Bluegreen Corporation - Foreclosure Removal

Best et al vs. Bluegreen Corporation – Foreclosure Removal

TS Today Podcast with Michael D. FinnDiscussion with Shep Altshuler on the Timesharing Today Podcast on Timeshare Foreclosure removals.

Background: In a significant legal case titled “Roxanne Best and Dean Snapp vs. Bluegreen Corporation, Equifax Information Services LLC, and Experian Information Services, Inc.”, there were critical issues surrounding foreclosure removal that caught the attention of many in the timeshare industry.

Michael D. Finn’s Involvement: Michael D. Finn, a renowned legal expert in the timeshare domain, was invited to the popular “TimeSharing Today” podcast to shed light on this landmark case. His insights provided listeners with an in-depth understanding of the legal intricacies involved.


TSTKey Details of the Interview:
During the podcast, Finn delved into:

  1. The Genesis of the Case: He outlined the primary grievances of Roxanne Best and Dean Snapp against Bluegreen Corporation and the credit reporting agencies, Equifax Information Services LLC and Experian Information Services, Inc. The main contention was the alleged wrongful foreclosure and the subsequent impact on their credit reports.
  2. Legal Precedents: Finn discussed how this case might set new legal precedents for the timeshare industry. Specifically, the case would potentially establish a framework for how timeshare companies and credit reporting agencies handle foreclosure removals.
  3. Implications for Timeshare Owners: The case’s outcome could influence the rights and protections of timeshare owners, especially those facing foreclosures. Finn stressed the importance of understanding these rights and how they could change based on the court’s decision.
  4. Broader Impact on the Timeshare Industry: Finn also highlighted how the lawsuit could shape the future policies and practices of timeshare companies and credit reporting agencies. The emphasis was on maintaining transparency, ensuring fairness, and upholding the rights of timeshare owners.

By the end of the interview, listeners of the “TimeSharing Today” podcast had a clearer grasp of the case’s importance regarding timeshare foreclosures. Here is the press release detailing the outcome of the settlement.


BusinessWire Press Release, December 22, 2015 

Finn Law Group Settles Consumer Class Action Lawsuit Against Bluegreen Corporation over Reporting Delinquent Timeshare Accounts as Foreclosures

Foreclosure entries will be deleted from over 11,000 timeshare owners’ credit accounts

LARGO, Fla. — A class action settlement has been reached with Bluegreen Corporation, Experian Information Solutions, Inc., and Equifax Information Services, LLC. over allegations that timeshare owners’ delinquent accounts were reported as foreclosures in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Florida debt collection laws.

“I’m absolutely delighted with this resolution, which deletes the harmful ‘foreclosure’ categorization from over 11,000 individuals’ credit reports!”
— Michael D. Finn, Managing Partner

The suit, Best and Snapp, et al. v. Bluegreen Corp., et al., case no. 9:14-cv-80929, was filed July 14, 2014, in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida.

The plaintiffs alleged that when they were delinquent, Bluegreen sent a series of letters advising them that they were terminated from the Bluegreen Vacation Club and the status of their accounts may be reported as foreclosures to the credit agencies.

While not admitting liability, Bluegreen, Experian, and Equifax agreed to settle the lawsuit. The settlement, which was approved by the court Nov. 6, 2015, provides in part:

  • For class members who did not opt out of the settlement and no longer have an active account, Bluegreen will request that Equifax and Experian delete the entire account that displayed a foreclosure;
  • For class members who did not opt out of the settlement but still have an active account, Bluegreen will provide information to Equifax and Experian showing that the accounts were paid for the months preceding their delinquency; andEquifax and Experian have agreed to implement Bluegreen’s requests.

Other websites covering the news:

Finn Law Group fights elder timeshare fraudThe Finn Law Group: Champions for Consumers in Timeshare Affairs

The Finn Law Group, headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, is a distinguished law firm that ardently represents consumers facing challenges in timeshare transactions and associated debtor-creditor dilemmas. Their dedication to upholding consumers’ rights in this specialized domain has earned significant acclaim.

Core Expertise: Specializing in timeshare matters, the firm offers comprehensive legal solutions for consumers who find themselves entangled in disputes or complications related to their timeshares. This includes addressing contractual ambiguities, fighting for fair treatment, and advocating for resolutions that favor our clients.

Key Class Action Settlement: The Finn Law Group has been at the forefront of several landmark cases, including a significant class action settlement against Bluegreen and other involved parties. This case epitomizes our relentless pursuit of justice for consumers in the timeshare industry.

Reach Out for More Information: For detailed insights into the Bluegreen class action settlement or for assistance with other timeshare and debtor-creditor concerns, Michael D. Finn is available for a free consultation. He can be contacted directly at 855-346-6529. Ensure you have a seasoned advocate by your side as you navigate these complex legal terrains.


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